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Constant and Adaptive Bitrate Options - All Free!

Freewaav produces two differently-textured streams, each with its own characteristics, customized for different listening situations. Our highest resolution stream is outstanding and delivers sound superior to virtually any other digital medium. It is available by clicking the black iTunes button on our homepage. An adaptive bitrate version of this stream is available by clicking the Ear button. A super-low data version is available by clicking the Eco button

Our Listen Live stream is great for most listening environments. This is the stream you'll hear when you click on the Listen Live buttons throughout our website. You'll see artist and title information in your player. An adaptive bitrate version of this stream is available by clicking the Car button on our homepage. If you prefer a good quality stream with a constant bitrate, tap the Optimized CBR button above.

Our Ear and Car streams are transmitted using adaptive bitrate streaming technology to maximize the listening experience while seamlessly changing bitrates in varying bandwidth conditions while you're on the go. Apple's iOS browsers and players do a great job of rendering these streams. Learn more about HLS adaptive bitrate technology and players online at wikipedia.org/wiki/Adaptive_bitrate_streaming.

Android listeners should download the free XiiaLive app from the Play Store on your Android mobile device. Or, click the XiiaLive icon at the bottom of this page.

Speakers and Data Plans

Freewaav streams high definition sound, tailored to sound great on all speaker sizes. With that said, not all multimedia speakers are created equal. For the best internet radio listening experience, we have found that the Bose Corporation produces speakers that offer superior sound for their size and ease of use. They offer a variety of sizes and prices, and we recommend you check them out. Freewaav uses Bose speakers in our end-to-end digital studio.

Cable, DSL, LAN and WiFi listeners usually have no limit to the amount of data they can download or stream, whereas their download speed may vary. Mobile phone listeners may be limited in the amount of data they can use under their mobile plan. If you have a data limit, we highly recommend listening to our Mobile stream via the Streams High-Fidelity Streaming Audio Player, or on your Apple device via the Mobile button on our homepage.

4G LTE and WiFi listeners can experience our media-rich Radio Loyalty stream. We recommend the TuneIn Radio player for listening on your 4G or WiFi enabled mobile device. It's available for download on our homepage, or you can visit www.tunein.com.